14 July 2008

Famous Dave's Barbeque

Famous Dave's Barbecue is not a dive. Not even close. It serves decent enough barbecue food (though pricey) in a clean and well decked out facility that is usually packed to the gills with middle class folk looking for a night out with the fam. It is the barbecue restaurant equivalent of a Chili's and its semi-mexican/grill spread that it peddles. Not bad, but not very interesting either. It does have one redeeming quality, though, that makes it worthy of attendance and worth of a mention here. At Famous Dave's you can enjoy a can of Hamm's, the beer refreshing, which is something I can say that I have not seen anywhere else in Denver. Sure, you can buy a 12er of Hamm's at a couple of beer outlets around town, but I have to give props to a place like Famous Dave's that fancies itself a respectable restaurant, and will gladly charge you 22 dollars for some ribs, yet will serve you up an ice cold Hamm's, in a can, no less.
Well done, Dave.

Famous Dave's has two locations in the Denver area. Whisk yourself away to the Land of Sky Blue Waters by enjoying a $2.50 Hamm's at the bar, then go somewhere else for some BBQ. 

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