30 April 2010

Fleabag of the Week: Motel 9

Before I-70 came steaming through Denver in the 60's, Colfax was the main east-west thoroughfare through town, and as such many ancient road side motels can be found along the route.  I find these relics of Colfax's past life to be extremely interesting, with their unique neon signs that - when working - light up the blackness of Colfax, and with names like the Sand and Sage and Circle-K, the motels of Colfax have got charm beyond the fact that most have deteriorated to the point where they have qualified for inclusion on a blog about Denver's dives.  They provide a glimpse at what Denver and Colfax once were, and probably never will be again.  To commemorate these bastions of Colfax ambiance, I present a new segment of the Denver Dives blog that will run from time to time that I am calling Fleabag of the Week. It'll be more of a photo montage, to the best of my limited photographic ability, than the usual dive chronicles, but will definitely include bits of useless snarky commentary.                      
First edition: Motel 9.

I always go for a motel room with the mirco and frig included.

The Russian style N is key.


Maybe they should try something like 'Motel 9: We're better by 3 than Motel 6'
Lots of signage at the Motel 9.  Someone want to run by there at 10 pm tonight to check if the gate is closed?

The area between the back of the motel and the fence has been designated a drugs free zone.

Convenience is, being able to throw stuff that you don't want outside the door.


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Luke Naughton said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts and suggestions!

~Laura Ruttum~ said...

Urm, that mattress being so cavalierly thrown out on the street also probably means bedbugs. Just sayin'.

I, too, am a lover of all the old signs along Colfax. Thanks for the post!

Luke Naughton said...

Cheers Laura! Bedbugs and Denver fleabags are the best.