07 October 2011

Win Stuff! The First Ever Denver Dives Reader Dive-Off

So I've been offered two tickets to 5280 Dines, an event intended to celebrate the recent publication of 5280's annual 25 Best Restaurants issue.  It looks to be quite fancy - free fancy food, a few drinks (or several), and maybe even be a chance to cuddle with some of Denver's favorite wannabe cheflebrities.  Maybe it's because of my heavy rep in the world of dives that I don't want to sully, maybe it's the fact that I am currently on assignment outside of the country, insert whatever excuse you want here, I cannot attend.  So I figured it was time for another dive-off!  And this time it will be  a very special dive-off, one driven by you, fair reader, and one with prizes.  The rules will be real simple.  Whoever leaves the best comment about their favorite or least favorite (and why!) dive, most dangerous place in Denver, or story about that time your sandwich came with pubes, will win the pair of tickets.  Just make sure to get your comment in by noon on Monday, as the event is on Wednesday night at 6 pm, and that it is about Denver.

Dive away!