01 April 2009

Barry's on Broadway

I stopped in to Barry's on Broadway the other night to check things out. While it is far too well kept up and organized to be a dive bar per se, it does have some redeeming qualities.

The first thing I laid eyes on upon entering was a naked female mannequin behind the bar. Interesting. It almost succeeded in sending me back out to Broadway. Scanning the crowd trying to ascertain the type of establishment, I gained some comfort in seeing a docile looking mixed bunch - the greasy guy who looked like he had been there drinking for 12 hours, a girl dressed in a pirate shirt (I gave her the appropriate 'Argh!'), and some 20-somethings carousing. The lack of stripper poles, chain link, or strobe lights also eased my mind a bit.

Most of the lighting is supplied by overly gaudy glass chandeliers, a touch of class that I found humorous in the bar setting. Finally, the men's restroom sported trough urinals, one of my favorite john accoutrements. Two-man capacity at 5 pm, three-man at midnight.

Barry's isn't the diveiest of dives, so if you are looking for someplace that makes you feel like you are in danger, go elsewhere. It is interesting enough to drop in for a beverage, though.

Barry's on Broadway is located at 58 Broadway in Denver.

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