08 February 2010

The Denver Dish

I was chatting with a friend Mike over beer and chicken wings one afternoon, and discovered that he, like me, is a closet blogger.  His choice of topic?  Denver food.  Who knew?  Maybe everyone is doing it.  So I checked out his blog, The Denver Dish.  My overall verdict is that it is good stuff.  The pictures on The Dish are better than mine, no doubt (my application with National Geographic is still pending), and fortunately it deals in reputable dining establishments, which means that he's not directly competing with me for my 3 regular readers.  The Dish covers the types of places you might take your mom when she comes to town and is not game for the Chunky Soup you usually whip up for her.  It presents a nice balance to my roster of cheap beer joints and greasy spoons, a sort of fab to my shab.  Check it out next time you have a moment.   


nico_cucaracha said...
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