20 March 2010


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Damn it feels good to be #17.  
For fun one day I linked up some of my posts with the website urbanspoon, which basically offers restaurant information in the form of formal reviews from reputable sources like the Denver Post or Westword, and then from blogs by less reputable sources like myself.  Decent enough stuff on there, but you have to sift through the bullshit.  Come to find out urbanspoon also keeps tabs on its bloggers in the form of a leaderboard.   Denver Dives is currently running #17, behind such heavyweights as The Well-Tempered Chocolatier, Gluten-Free Foodie, and the Kansas City Traveling Gourmet.  Dives are not for everyone, and as such I feel pretty contented to be in the teens.  If everyone went to the dives I frequent, wouldn't they at some point cease to be dives?  A thought to ponder for another blog post, specifically the Dive Manifesto that I am currently working on.  I am sure I could write one post about Colt & Gray, which by the way has to be one of the stupidest restaurant names I have heard of in a long time (seems to me it is more fitting of a cocktail consisting of malt liquor and dishwater) and jump up the standings a couple of notches, but I will remain true to my craft and subject matter.

I will say that it salts me a bit to be running behind The Kansas City Traveling Gourmet, some clown who stopped by Denver a year ago and wrote one useless post about some place in Boulder, no less, and iEat DC, similarly written by some guy from DC who visited Denver for a day in November.  At least the DC guy is within gunning range - I am pretty sure that if all five of my readers checked out my page and posts on urbanspoon that together we could pimp the out of towner and send him back to the grime and bad weather of DC. 

Go to the polls, kids.  I am sure it'll feel pretty damn good to be #16 as well. 


nico_cucaracha said...

What would happen if you found and went to all the dives?

Mike Ross said...

dawg nice work! You got a knack for this thing. I'm not worthy...

Luke Naughton said...

Damn it feels good to be #19!